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09/11/2012 12:16 PM

In August and September 2012 I worked at Laborgras, Berlin, Germany, with Steven Heather, an Australian composer based in Berlin, and Melbourne based performer Rebecca Jensen on a new installation/performance as part of my Australia Council for the Arts Dance Board Fellowship. We presented a work-in-progress on September 7th 2012.

An installation/performance incorporating movement and sound played through headphones, the work takes up my interest in duration, perception and the possibility of choreographing ‘reality’, using a detailed and refined movement vocabulary drawn from the everyday.  The project has two components: the dancer performing, who cannot hear what the audience hears, and the sound in remote headphones that is created specifically for the audience.  The two things are layered together. The sound is projected as an aural experience ‘onto’ the performer who remains unaffected by how the audience perceives the sound.

The choreography is devised as a continuum of movement gestures that are sliced out of larger movements and re-composed in a series of isolated fragments.  The performer moves through a long continuous duration where no movement is repeated and changes moment-by-moment.  The movement composition eschews continuity and fluidity; reminiscent of a ‘flip book’, where the connections between one movement and another are implied, rather than fully described.  Filmic or photographic in style, where pauses disrupt the movement pathway, the choreography aims to capture parts of an action while leaving out missing ‘frames’; leaving open the suggestion of what might have happened before, or after, each discreet moment.  The work explores how the body occupies choreographed time and duration in the ‘here and now’, yet carries the possibility of a trajectory that moves beyond the present moment.



Bec Jensen - Installation